OMG, they killed Kenny!!

..thats one line known to anyone who has seen at least one full episode of South Park..those who haven’t need not be alarmed; kenny‘s not a dear friend or anyone i know except that hes a fictional cartoon character who gets killed in every episode of the satirical comedy series…poor guy 🙂


south park has debuted in indian tv screens on VH1 on may 11th, 2009 and i don’t know YTF i didn’t check it out earlier…missed most of season 1..i never thought it would be so insanely funny..better than the Simpsons!!..i know season 13 is going on elsewhere and i have to download all of them as soon as i can..till then i guess i have to wait till 10:30pm every weekdays…but the thing is on TV, i get to see only the *beep*ed version..which is fine as long as i get to see it on tv..



..i think i am having an overdose of horror films lately since watching the ‘epic’ Jaani Dushman..yeahh, it can be called a horror too apart from belonging to diverse genres of drama, thriller, romance, suspense and even comedy though it was unintentional 😉 Twilight and Hellboy too had slight shades of horror…but i have got to mention watching manoj n shyamalan‘s “The 6th Sense“..mannn, i cant believe why i put off watching the movie till now though i had heard of it long before…and i had enjoyed shyamalan‘s “Signs” & “ The Village” very much…oooh, the movie gave me that great feeling i get after reading a jeffrey archer short story with plot twist stuff at the end…i just had to ‘fast forward watch’ the movie again after the end…bruce willis, the child haley joel osment & the mother toni collete were all just too good and the line ” i see dead people” is already a classic movie quote.. i wish i could see & talk to dead people too..the alive ones i know are not fun enough to talk to..


…and now to the two recently released hindi horror flicks that clicked with the masses, ‘13 B’ & ‘Raaz 2’…both are different and similar in a way…different in the way it was shot definitely but similar in that both have the lead characters being traumatized by spirits who wish their backstory to be revealed through the strangest of ways possible but both films are actually watchable and based on uniqueness and originality i find 13 B much the same standard of urmila‘s ‘Naina’ that i still believe was the best horror flick i have seen come out from bollywood..


..the only flaw i found in 13 B was the two songs they managed to squeeze into the song was a dream or fanatsy sequence right after a bedroom scene between the 2 leads madhavan & neetu chandra which really was unwanted & uncalled for..come to think of it, i didn’t even hear it yet as i had skipped the song at the time..


…yeah, this is the sequence that leads to the song, yeah, i know lipsyncing & dancing to a sexy song is what most indians do when they feel horny as opposed to making love or at least making out as is normally done in hollywood movies..ok, coming back to the above mentioned scene, the hubby gifts a cookbook which turns out to be an illustrated version of the kamasutra to the seemingly homely wife and the wife looks through the book and actually comments something like “iska pair kidhar aur sir kidhar maloom nahin padtha! (can’t make out where the head and where the feet is!) and later on i vaguely remember the hubby dearest asking whether she prefers chicken kabab or chicken ’69’!! truly innovative.. 😉

….whatever ‘13 B‘ was really good though it wasnt actually scary..scary is the term i would like to use while talking about ‘Raaz 2‘…people always seem to jump out at you from the sides of the screens (does the director really want us to believe the heroine’s seeing and hearing capability is limited to the angle of the camera in which the scene is shot?!), even opening doors make loud creepy sounds & believe it or not, this bollywood ‘aatma’ actually makes its victims write in ‘hinglish‘ to benefit the millions of indians who only understand hindi written using english alphabets!! check out the pics below..


Scary huh? i know the story isnt wholly original, i know several scenes have been ‘inspired’ from hollywood films like the ring, i know kangana’s english was terrible, i know adhyayans sound itself was terrible, i know emraans look was strange but cool, i know the climax turned out to be an anticlimax AND i know the CGI buffalos looked too much like CGI buffalos even in dim lighting.. 😉 BUT i know i still managed to enjoy the movie for its picturisation and the way the songs blended into the narrative and ended before you realised it was supposed to be a horror was visually appealing and stylishly taken..


…and ya kangana looked oh so beautiful and emraan rocked as usual..his movies always guarantee great songs anyway…thank god for that 🙂


the Bollywood “epic”, a Romantic Vampire & the Boy from Hell..

well…you may think my blog is turning out to be a movie review blog but really these moments are too good to be forgotten and thats the whole point in writing a blog remember those moments later in life that one has enjoyed or been influenced by….whatever i just have to mention this movie that i have been lucky enough to witness on tv..”JAANI DUSHMANEk Anokhi kahani“ is kind of an anokhi kahani by the way..mann, very anokhi!! Don’t misunderstand my liking for the movie if you have seen it already but this is truly right at the top of movies that belong to the “soooo badd its good” category…i am not giving a review of the movie here since i have already read enough and i have found one that is so good that i dont wanna write one as i don’t think i can better this one so im gonna give you the check it out even if you have been (un)lucky enough to watch the actual movie itself..

jaani dushman

…got to watch TWILGHT after this epic movie..and well, the atmosphere wasn’t that good to enjoy the movie as much as i wanted to…jaani dushman was that bad that it lingered for a while and then twilight was nothing spectacular but a really good romantic thriller which i personally would have liked to either watch alone at home or at the theatre with a girl…i know now why its considered as being too gay because the male lead ‘robert pattinson‘ really looks gay..well maybe thats because hes a vampire in the movie and is supposed to have that pasty pale complexioned face…the girl ‘kristen stewart‘ was super cute too and always reminds me of ‘emma watson‘ of the harry potter movies whom i absolutely adore by the way 🙂


…isnt she cute…and ya well him too…i just heard of the twilight series recently though its supposed to be very famous..i think ya females would absolutely go gaga over the fictional character as well as the movie counterpart of ‘edward cullen‘ because hes the ultimate forbidden apple for those poor romantic souls who want the best in their lover..”stopping a car coming to crash you with just a hand“, “never sleep at all“, “always being there to protect you“, “being able to read the thoughts of what people actually think of you when near you“, and then the ultimate, i have heard of romancing among trees in numerous old indian movies but this guy actually climbs and jumps among trees with her holding onto him for dear life, ok tarzan may have done it swinging but this was bizarre but romantic all the same..i loved the movie and i’m eagerly waiting for the next movie due out this year and maybe i should find time to read the 4 released books written by stephanie meyer

…i wonder why i don’t get the time to read anymore and that too when i am as free as a bird right now and i don’t even have to rise early to get the worm like a bird 🙂 got to stop watching too many movies..but i just couldn’t resist watching HELLBOY 2…for one thing i did like the first hellboy movie and then it was directed by guillermo del toro whose visual creativity is amazing and then the copy i had with me was the first HD experience i had..well it wasnt exactly a bluray movie viewed on a sony bravia or something but this is the first time im watching a movie over 6gb in size on my pc..the quality was that awesome 🙂


..the movie wasnt that great…the story was crap..but its sooo visually appealing that i would want to watch it again later…i realised that ‘newline‘ and peter jackson made the perfect decision to let del toro to direct the 2 LotR prequels…as for hell boy…ron perlman lives in the role as hellboy and doug jones is truly a talented freak to play all those multiple characters in del toro’s movies…waiting for hellboy 3 as well 🙂


…another movie i have watched recently late night is the jennifer aniston-vince vaughn romantic comedy “The Break-Up”…its actually a very simple yet entertaining movie about yeah you guessed it right, a breakup between the two leads who actually ended up in a relation in real life though they break up in the movie..yes, they dont end up together at the end and sorry i busted the climax if you havent seen it yet but see it anyway..i heard there are alternate endings so who knows they may end up together in the version you get to see.. and believe me, the climax isnt that important..


btw..the movie had me thinking a lot on my own problems in my love a lot like vince’s character in the movie..lazy and irresponsible but im not self centered like him..i dont force or expect others to see through my eyes..i felt a breakup was necessary for me to set my priorities straight enough..but no, she couldnt comprehend the need for a breakup and so here i am going with the flow..hope everything turns out all right soon..

Tony Jaa kicks @$$

i have been too busy to post for a while and nooo its not because i wanted to be early to bed and early to rise or anything..just that i have been watching movies on cable tv for some nights..why?? well…after midnite movies are mostly good and have no commercial breaks!! breaks are the major reason why i hate watching movies on tv because i always miss most of the action as i get tempted by breaks to change channels and then usually forget i had been watching a movie..i just watched a thai martial arts movie ‘tom-yung-goong’ dubbed in english and wow had my first glipse of Tony Jaa…

tony jaa…let me warn you, the movie is crap really, i mean really silly…i just liked it for the action sequences of Tony Jaa…hes truly star material..probably if directed well in future international movies, hes gonna be the next martial arts star from asia after bruce lee, jackie chan & jet li..hes got a huge fan following too..i dont wanna talk much about the movie other than it is a story of revenge for the sake of believe it or not an elephant…in fact, though its emotional for the hero in the movie, i felt like laughing out loud when he yells something like, ” where the hell is my elephant?“… 😉

from Fashion to Confusion…

hmm..posting after a while now..been to kerala for a 3 day visit and done quite a lot in that short period which by the way i don’t usually do..couldn’t spend much time at home as i wanted to especially with my cousin at home for study leave..managed to find time to watch a madhur bhandarkar movie “fashion” one night and it was just great stuff..almost made me wish i had the looks to be a model or the talent to be a photographer or at least the money to organize and sponsor a fashion show..hmm, every movie i see gives me new dreams to dream..and thats why i love movies 🙂


and then what else did i do? well, mainly got to see more of my relatives in 3 days than i usually see in 3 months, maybe more…there was that initial cold welcome at the place i usually stay as usual which i knew would either get colder or warmer according to my own actions…it did get warmer a bit sooner; no doubt due to the fact that i made it clear i wasnt staying long enough to disturb my cousin’s “study” leave..paid a visit to my ‘home’ and ended up having to unload a truck load of roof tiles with my poor cousin and the truck driver and his ‘kili’..that led to my bathing at ‘home’ which i havent done since my parents left india…that felt good 😐
then…visited my eccentric father’s brother’s family, stayed there..more like just slept there…did think of waking up early at least from there but despite an overseas call from my ma, i still managed to stay in bed till 10 am…i was in for a rude shock when i got downstairs and realised that i was alone in the house..the first thought that came to me was ‘ok i come and stay here once in a blue moon but they cant have forgotten i was sleeping upstairs and they cant have locked me in and gone out and continued with their lives as usual !’ but then i decided to think rationally and deduced that my aunt might have gone to her school and cousin sis might have gone for some special classes and assumed my uncle must be somewhere out in the toilet or garden…i check the back door and found it wasnt locked and heaved a sigh of constipated relief as i really wanted to unload my after all that and brushing my teeth i found my uncle coming back from a neighbours place where he had gone to attend some funeral..hmm… 😡
went to my bro’s fiancees place with uncles family..the marriage date hasnt been fixed yet and i have already been there maybe 6 or 7 times or more..i wouldnt go if i hadnt liked the family as a whole..but they are warm and i dont feel bad whatever some might say aout my visiting them so often, i don’t care much about “traditional” customs anyway..sometimes i just wish their younger daughter had been anything other than a girl studying to be doctor so that i could have married into the same family as my bro for i hate too many relatives and i am not comfortable with the idea of having a doctor for a wife..thats totally not the way, the food was great as usual, a little too spicy for me but still good.. 🙂
then finally, the one big reason why i felt i had to go to my hometown; my on-off girlfriend..nothing much really, just wanted to update our status of being on or off currently for the benefit of our mutual friends..took an appointment mutually agreeable, met at a local ‘cool’ bar, ordered 2 of what the menu referred to as ‘fruit’ ‘icecream’ ‘salad’, struggled to finish the icecream while she struggled to finish the fruits in between small talk of what i thought was big talk..finally left after the waiters twice checked for the bill money and gave us enough subtle hints that we had overstayed for the 100 rupee order we had placed and which by the way we hadnt finished..and it wasnt just the salad we couldnt finish but our talk too…with no option left, continued our talk along the road till she concluded that this wasn’t the time for both of us to be thinking too much on commitment when our future was at stake because of our career or rather lack of career.. i felt, if not anything else, then ‘confusion’ was certainly one thing that we both had in common…and soooo…thats that and im back in bangalore a bit more confused than i already had been… 😦


my SONY mdr xd200…!!!

..and yeah got a headphone too at last..i had always wanted a mid range great sounding headphone with large enough ear pads and let me tell you i feel this is why i havent been patient enough to blog at late nights which is when i am at the peak period of ‘activeness‘ 🙂

..i know  iwould have gone for any bose headphones if i had been a bit richer..ok ok maybe a lot richer…so i could get myself only something within the midrange of 1.5k INR..checked out sennheiser HD202 & philips SHP2700 but finally zeroed in on the sony MDR XD200 on instinct & ya maybe because it looked better than the cheap looking sennheiser anyway…AND I AM SATISFIED as of now fits great, is comfortable for long time uses, leaks no noise, looks great and ya sounds great too..looking forward to more blogging with music in my late nights of course 😉sony-mdr-xd200.351953