…another movie i have watched recently late night is the jennifer aniston-vince vaughn romantic comedy “The Break-Up”…its actually a very simple yet entertaining movie about yeah you guessed it right, a breakup between the two leads who actually ended up in a relation in real life though they break up in the movie..yes, they dont end up together at the end and sorry i busted the climax if you havent seen it yet but see it anyway..i heard there are alternate endings so who knows they may end up together in the version you get to see.. and believe me, the climax isnt that important..


btw..the movie had me thinking a lot on my own problems in my love a lot like vince’s character in the movie..lazy and irresponsible but im not self centered like him..i dont force or expect others to see through my eyes..i felt a breakup was necessary for me to set my priorities straight enough..but no, she couldnt comprehend the need for a breakup and so here i am going with the flow..hope everything turns out all right soon..


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