Tony Jaa kicks @$$

i have been too busy to post for a while and nooo its not because i wanted to be early to bed and early to rise or anything..just that i have been watching movies on cable tv for some nights..why?? well…after midnite movies are mostly good and have no commercial breaks!! breaks are the major reason why i hate watching movies on tv because i always miss most of the action as i get tempted by breaks to change channels and then usually forget i had been watching a movie..i just watched a thai martial arts movie ‘tom-yung-goong’ dubbed in english and wow had my first glipse of Tony Jaa…

tony jaa…let me warn you, the movie is crap really, i mean really silly…i just liked it for the action sequences of Tony Jaa…hes truly star material..probably if directed well in future international movies, hes gonna be the next martial arts star from asia after bruce lee, jackie chan & jet li..hes got a huge fan following too..i dont wanna talk much about the movie other than it is a story of revenge for the sake of believe it or not an elephant…in fact, though its emotional for the hero in the movie, i felt like laughing out loud when he yells something like, ” where the hell is my elephant?“… 😉


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