the Bollywood “epic”, a Romantic Vampire & the Boy from Hell..

well…you may think my blog is turning out to be a movie review blog but really these moments are too good to be forgotten and thats the whole point in writing a blog remember those moments later in life that one has enjoyed or been influenced by….whatever i just have to mention this movie that i have been lucky enough to witness on tv..”JAANI DUSHMANEk Anokhi kahani“ is kind of an anokhi kahani by the way..mann, very anokhi!! Don’t misunderstand my liking for the movie if you have seen it already but this is truly right at the top of movies that belong to the “soooo badd its good” category…i am not giving a review of the movie here since i have already read enough and i have found one that is so good that i dont wanna write one as i don’t think i can better this one so im gonna give you the check it out even if you have been (un)lucky enough to watch the actual movie itself..

jaani dushman

…got to watch TWILGHT after this epic movie..and well, the atmosphere wasn’t that good to enjoy the movie as much as i wanted to…jaani dushman was that bad that it lingered for a while and then twilight was nothing spectacular but a really good romantic thriller which i personally would have liked to either watch alone at home or at the theatre with a girl…i know now why its considered as being too gay because the male lead ‘robert pattinson‘ really looks gay..well maybe thats because hes a vampire in the movie and is supposed to have that pasty pale complexioned face…the girl ‘kristen stewart‘ was super cute too and always reminds me of ‘emma watson‘ of the harry potter movies whom i absolutely adore by the way πŸ™‚


…isnt she cute…and ya well him too…i just heard of the twilight series recently though its supposed to be very famous..i think ya females would absolutely go gaga over the fictional character as well as the movie counterpart of ‘edward cullen‘ because hes the ultimate forbidden apple for those poor romantic souls who want the best in their lover..”stopping a car coming to crash you with just a hand“, “never sleep at all“, “always being there to protect you“, “being able to read the thoughts of what people actually think of you when near you“, and then the ultimate, i have heard of romancing among trees in numerous old indian movies but this guy actually climbs and jumps among trees with her holding onto him for dear life, ok tarzan may have done it swinging but this was bizarre but romantic all the same..i loved the movie and i’m eagerly waiting for the next movie due out this year and maybe i should find time to read the 4 released books written by stephanie meyer

…i wonder why i don’t get the time to read anymore and that too when i am as free as a bird right now and i don’t even have to rise early to get the worm like a bird πŸ™‚ got to stop watching too many movies..but i just couldn’t resist watching HELLBOY 2…for one thing i did like the first hellboy movie and then it was directed by guillermo del toro whose visual creativity is amazing and then the copy i had with me was the first HD experience i had..well it wasnt exactly a bluray movie viewed on a sony bravia or something but this is the first time im watching a movie over 6gb in size on my pc..the quality was that awesome πŸ™‚


..the movie wasnt that great…the story was crap..but its sooo visually appealing that i would want to watch it again later…i realised that ‘newline‘ and peter jackson made the perfect decision to let del toro to direct the 2 LotR prequels…as for hell boy…ron perlman lives in the role as hellboy and doug jones is truly a talented freak to play all those multiple characters in del toro’s movies…waiting for hellboy 3 as well πŸ™‚


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