..i think i am having an overdose of horror films lately since watching the ‘epic’ Jaani Dushman..yeahh, it can be called a horror too apart from belonging to diverse genres of drama, thriller, romance, suspense and even comedy though it was unintentional 😉 Twilight and Hellboy too had slight shades of horror…but i have got to mention watching manoj n shyamalan‘s “The 6th Sense“..mannn, i cant believe why i put off watching the movie till now though i had heard of it long before…and i had enjoyed shyamalan‘s “Signs” & “ The Village” very much…oooh, the movie gave me that great feeling i get after reading a jeffrey archer short story with plot twist stuff at the end…i just had to ‘fast forward watch’ the movie again after the end…bruce willis, the child haley joel osment & the mother toni collete were all just too good and the line ” i see dead people” is already a classic movie quote.. i wish i could see & talk to dead people too..the alive ones i know are not fun enough to talk to..


…and now to the two recently released hindi horror flicks that clicked with the masses, ‘13 B’ & ‘Raaz 2’…both are different and similar in a way…different in the way it was shot definitely but similar in that both have the lead characters being traumatized by spirits who wish their backstory to be revealed through the strangest of ways possible but both films are actually watchable and based on uniqueness and originality i find 13 B much the same standard of urmila‘s ‘Naina’ that i still believe was the best horror flick i have seen come out from bollywood..


..the only flaw i found in 13 B was the two songs they managed to squeeze into the song was a dream or fanatsy sequence right after a bedroom scene between the 2 leads madhavan & neetu chandra which really was unwanted & uncalled for..come to think of it, i didn’t even hear it yet as i had skipped the song at the time..


…yeah, this is the sequence that leads to the song, yeah, i know lipsyncing & dancing to a sexy song is what most indians do when they feel horny as opposed to making love or at least making out as is normally done in hollywood movies..ok, coming back to the above mentioned scene, the hubby gifts a cookbook which turns out to be an illustrated version of the kamasutra to the seemingly homely wife and the wife looks through the book and actually comments something like “iska pair kidhar aur sir kidhar maloom nahin padtha! (can’t make out where the head and where the feet is!) and later on i vaguely remember the hubby dearest asking whether she prefers chicken kabab or chicken ’69’!! truly innovative.. 😉

….whatever ‘13 B‘ was really good though it wasnt actually scary..scary is the term i would like to use while talking about ‘Raaz 2‘…people always seem to jump out at you from the sides of the screens (does the director really want us to believe the heroine’s seeing and hearing capability is limited to the angle of the camera in which the scene is shot?!), even opening doors make loud creepy sounds & believe it or not, this bollywood ‘aatma’ actually makes its victims write in ‘hinglish‘ to benefit the millions of indians who only understand hindi written using english alphabets!! check out the pics below..


Scary huh? i know the story isnt wholly original, i know several scenes have been ‘inspired’ from hollywood films like the ring, i know kangana’s english was terrible, i know adhyayans sound itself was terrible, i know emraans look was strange but cool, i know the climax turned out to be an anticlimax AND i know the CGI buffalos looked too much like CGI buffalos even in dim lighting.. 😉 BUT i know i still managed to enjoy the movie for its picturisation and the way the songs blended into the narrative and ended before you realised it was supposed to be a horror was visually appealing and stylishly taken..


…and ya kangana looked oh so beautiful and emraan rocked as usual..his movies always guarantee great songs anyway…thank god for that 🙂



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