finally back to being a “jocker” again after a long “free” month.. ;)

aahh..1 whole month of surviving with a single underwear and that too of an obscure brand…no its not how u think..i did use it sparingly on alternate days because i used to wash it the days i used i mite have been underwearless maybe for about 15 days wowww!!! and then now i had a bath and wore 1 of the jockeys i bought yesterday; i was too lazy to go out to buy one after i realised i left my 3 jockeys at kerala when i reached bangalore …btw, i just noticed the logo closely now…here check the before & after logos
jockey logos
…an actual horse jockey was used in the older logo and the logo now seems ok enough but i dont know why it seems to me as a figure representing 3 “sixes” ,i.e, 666 the no. of the devil…hmmm food for thought eh??


Salaam Namaste! (in my lingo “Hi!”)

hi perverts…welcome to my first post on my late nite blog..the time is 5am in the morning though 😉 so guys, gals n ‘in-betweens’ cya all soon on my regular posts coming up…shall i conclude with a good night or a good morning…im gna sleep, so based on the logic of etiquette in my view, good night for now…